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Wow. That went fast, didn’t it?

You’ve survived the first 100 days in the job you’ve worked hard for – a leadership position in a growing B2B technology company built on breakthrough technology.

You know that your company’s innovative technologies deliver real value. Its solutions are ahead of anything else in the market by a long shot. You know, because customers tell you so when you meet with them.

But something is…off.

You suspect that your sales team’s prospects often don’t “get it” – and maybe that’s why your pipeline isn’t converting. Deals close when you deliver the message to prospects personally, but you have a company to run – you can’t be on every sales call. Your inferior competitors are starting to eat your lunch – or will soon. Your team is starting to notice. So is your board.

Do you have a positioning problem?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your message reaching your target buyer, and motivating her to act?
  • Does it leverage your unique heritage and brand promise?
  • Do your buyers understand how your unique technology will change their lives?
  • Do you own an inescapable, urgent problem that is getting worse?
  • Is your sales team able to set up buying criteria in your favor?
  • Are you connecting with funded initiatives?
  • Does your messaging create a rallying cry (“No Software!”)?

Great positioning achieves all of these outcomes, and more.

When companies with innovative technology have it, sales teams crush their numbers, growth accelerates, and valuation skyrockets. When they don’t, well, it’s noticeable.

Of course, a great positioning story isn’t a panacea. Among other things, revenue growth requires consistently-communicated market messaging, adopted and used by your sales team (and endorsed by its leadership), and motivated sales professionals that know how to conduct the right conversations with prospects. But none of these things can happen without a great positioning story foundation.

We’ll write more about each of these elements of great positioning over the coming weeks. We’ll also talk about the approach we use to help innovative technology companies create it quickly, here on our blog.

Good selling!

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