Positioning Brakes

Great positioning changes your perception of a product or service forever. It sticks in your mind. It compels you to share it with others.

Let me show you what I mean.

What do the brakes on your car do?

Your initial reaction is probably something like, “Brakes slow the car.”

That’s where most marketing starts and too often ends – with capabilities. That’s bad positioning.

We are only willing to pay so much for reliability and safety. Here is a good test: if you could buy twice the reliability and safety is it worth twice the premium? Likely not.

So how do you position a seeming commodity like brakes to appear twice as valuable?

In this example the answer is counter intuitive. Brakes on the car actually let you go faster… you are willing to enter blind corners with confidence that any unseen obstacles can be avoided… and because of the brakes you enjoy the speed, exhilaration of the corners and arrive sooner.

Positioning brakes as equipment required for speed creates enthusiasm, aspiration, and commands higher pricing premiums than “capability” of stopping power.

Great market positioning and messaging engages the target buyer emotionally. The key to great positioning is not pulling better choices from a bucket of words. Great positioning requires understanding the persona of your target buyer in sufficient depth to activate the emotions that connect to buyer’s perception of value.

Companies don’t buy, people do. So to make your offering relevant and urgent for the target buyer, its best to help the buyer envision how their life will be different after purchase.

Its not a conversation about stopping power. For a buyer of your premium brakes its probably “feel the G’s”, “more time in your day”, “enjoy the drive”, “performance you can trust”.

So, next time you look at breaks will you see them differently?

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