positioning: punch from your toes

Business bloggers and the mainstream press are reporting that high-flying unicorns are coming down to earth, growth capital is more difficult to raise, and layoffs are occurring in technology companies as management teams drive to profitability. If your buyers are listening, it’s only a matter of time before their emotions shift towards fear, and their buying behavior follows suit.

Have your buyers begun to:

  • Ask for evidence of your financial stability?
  • Conduct deeper diligence on your capital partners, or your business model?
  • Favor “big company” competitors with inferior products?

If you find yourself answering “yes,” it may be time to adjust your positioning and messaging.

How? If you are profitable, maintain a happy user community, appear to becoming a market-standard, or are a part of a stable public company, our advice is to punch from your toes.

Bring those elements forward into your positioning and messaging. Maybe acknowledge that a winnowing of competition is underway and express why that is good news for clients and prospects that choose wisely.

If your firm lacks those assets, punch from your toes anyway. Lead with a strong point of view, express the existing customer aspirations that guide your development. Confidence inspires confidence. Now is the time to incorporate metrics such as revenue growth, time to value, recurring renewal rates, trusted partner validations and positive analyst reviews into your proof points. Customer advocacy is now more important than ever.

What doesn’t change at all during a market shakeout is the value of great positioning. Own the problem you solve and advocate with clear facts and business logic to drive awareness and motivate purchase. Your punches will land when you speak to your buyer’s emotions.

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